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Garage Conversions in Radstock

At Dawson Building we’ve been building garage conversions in Radstock and the surrounding areas for years so we know exactly how to make the most out of your garage, no matter how big or small.

There are several reasons why you might consider converting your garage into an additional living space.

New addition to the family? Converting your garage into a new living space can be more cost effective than moving house. Maybe you need a bigger car and it won’t fit in your existing garage and don’t want the available space to be wasted. However, one of the most compelling reasons to consider a garage conversion is to increase the value of your house.

Last year most property sales in Radstock involved terraced properties which sold for on average £151,614. Detached properties sold for an average price of £275,380, while semi-detached properties fetched £186,791. Property prices in Radstock have been largely stable for years now. (Source)

So, you’ve decided a garage conversion is what you need? There is a lot to consider but Dawson Building are ready to help with any questions you might have.

Garage Conversion Design

A garage conversion can be solidly constructed but unless it feels like a part of your house, it can’t wholeheartedly be called a success. There are all sorts of details which go into turning your garage into a natural extension.

The floor of a garage is usually lower than the floor of the main house so it will probably need to be raised to match. Likewise the position of the door will affect the layout of furniture in the room, so will want to consider how you want the room to be laid out before deciding where the door should be.

Windows are an important detail. The amount of light can make a huge difference when it comes to your new room feeling like a natural part of your home.

It’s not just the interior which has to naturally blend into your house. The exterior has to match too. From the type of brick used to the style of window and shape of guttering, all the details work together to make the new extension a seamless part of your home. These are the sorts of details Dawson Building pay attention to.

There are many other installation considerations, including:

  • Planning Permission
  • Temperature, Electricity, and Water
  • Walls, Ventilation, and Openings
  • Flooring and Ceilings
  • Insulation and Damp Proofing

Dawson Building is expert in all stages of this process from sourcing of materials through design and construction. Radstock is only 9 miles south of our head office in Bath, Somerset and we routinely cover areas across the South of England including Radstock and the nearby towns of Midsomer Norton, Paulton, Camerton, Peasedown St. John, Faulkland, Hemmington, and Kilmerston.

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